Nov 8, 2007

He's Growing up...

My Bryan (aka worker #3) turns 12 years old today.

Just what I need... Another son entering the dreaded, horrible teenage years, I now have one more child who is certain I know NOTHING! **sigh**
Why oh Why can't they stay sweet and innocent?

This was a conversation I had with my Bryan when he was ten years old. (Pulled from the Black-Mail-File for your reading pleasure.. and my giggles.. and of course Bryan's embarrassment!)

While you read... I'm gonna rush and finish his quilt that I promised him would be done by his birthday!! **HELP**

Oh to have the troubles of a 10 yr old....

Bryan came to me this morning...
he was obviously very worried about something important...

"Mom" he said...."I don't wanna grow up.

"Why? I asked.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do about kids."

What are you talking about?

"Well... I want to get married..."

"I want my wife to have babies..."

"But I'm not gonna Mate to put them in her!"

"Mating just seems very unusual to me..."

"I have decided I am NOT going to mate."

Don't worry Bryan.... If you don't want to mate, you don't have to.

"Whew!! Will you tell my wife that when I get her?"

Yes Bryan, I'll tell her.

"Good, Can I have some gum?"

Those were the Good-Ole-Days.

**sigh... sniff... sniff... sob... sob....**

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