Nov 13, 2007

reasons he is the Man-Of- My- Dreams #9

Since he is working out of town, I bought a new "guard Dog" Otis, the Boston Terrier. (Yeah.. the only thing he tries to protect us from so far is the big loud evil vacuum cleaner monster.) Man-Of-My-Dreams is too big and tough to love on a cute little wiggly puppy.

#9 He loves on Otis and plays with him when he thinks no one is looking.
He is so cute!
(Man-Of-My-Dreams, that is. But don't tell anyone OK??
It might ruin his rep. )

Otis the Killer Boston Terrier Puppy

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Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see a wife complimenting her husband instead of telling everyone how terrible he is! Your a good wife!

Dana said...

Thanks! but I think I am the lucky one!

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