Nov 13, 2007

Young-Men-Folk & HORMONES

It's really foggy outside this morning, That's the excuse I'm using for not being much of a go-getter.
have you ever had one of those days where you find yourself looking around you at the ever-growing list of "to-do's" and yet, you just can't find the strength or desire to "DO" them?
Well.. that's me today. (I have way more of those days than I'd care to admit) The Man-of-My-Dreams is home with his leg propped up on a pillow because he twisted his knee yesterday while running across the yard to stop some teens who decided it would be cool to gather on the lonely dirt road to fist fight! grrrrr

(why is it that teen boys feel they must fight over any little thing?!? People say GIRLS are emotional icky balls of hormones!?!? they must not have BOYS!!!
Why oh why do their testosterone-filled little brains think that hitting someone repeatedly will solve ANYTHING?? I can't think of one single thing that hitting each other will solve! not one!
Sure I'd like to bash the head in of the owner of the dogs who keep getting in my turkey pens and killing my turkeys for being so irresponsible,
Sure there has been more than once I felt like stabbing one of the boys in the eye with a fork when they feel the need to sit beside me and chomp on their ice cubes (another one of my little "issues", we'll visit that later).
Of course I have had to fight the urge to shake the poor little roller-blade-wearing Sonic Car-hop till her head falls off when she brings me a Route 44 Cherry Coke after I ordered a Route 44 DIET Cherry Coke (happens every darn time!).
But do I do any of these things??? nooooooooo.
But then I am not a testosterone-overdosed 16 year old boy.)

Anyway... Man-of-my-dreams goes back to work tomorrow.... so till then I have grounded him to the couch with his leg on a pillow and ice on his knee. (he is NOT a happy camper, he can't stand to sit still for longer than 10 min! hmmmmm I have some benadryl round here somewhere that I can give him to knock him out, I''m sure.) I made him breakfast (well.. I re-heated last nights spaghetti for him) I brought him all 4 remote controls. (I am a GOOD wife!) And he has his glass of sweet tea.

What else have I accomplished so far today?

Emptied the dishwasher (whoo hoo!)
got one load from Mt. Laundry started. (Am I amazing or what?!?)
ate a piece of Brookes Birthday Cake. (getting fatter by the min.)
sat the the computer venting to you about boys and their hormones. (I rock!)

I shouldn't even be here....
I'll be back when I have something worthwhile to report...
how bout you?? Doing anything productive today?
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3 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Anonymous said...

Lucky Me!! I'm the first comment! Just wanted to say Hi Dana! Keep up the great site. Its the first thing I read when I get online in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I had boys! thanks for the laugh Dana.

I also have wanted to shake a Sonic car hop or two ;)

Dana said...

Thanks for the comments y'all... Love to hear from you!

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