Nov 12, 2007


Just another reason I'm a founding member of the BMA's. **sigh**

As I told ya before, I had to finish
I read about an easier way to put a quilt together.
I said to myself....
"Myself, Easier and faster?? This is for you!!"
Instead of messing with borders and binding, you just sandwich your top, batting, & backing together (kinda like in inside-out pillowcase) sew around three sides, then turn the whole thing right side out and POOF a beautiful quilt w/ no messed up boarders or binding!
I did IT! whoo hoo! It was indeed easier!
This is the way I'm gonna do all my quilts from now on!!!
Isn't it pretty???

Note to self....
next time,, You might wanna think a little bit more about the order you layer your pieces!!

In the words of Homer Simpson...
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wandering quilter said...

LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one out there that does stuff like this! Hehe :)~

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