Nov 12, 2007

"I Can't Want it!!"

I am slipping into a little sniffling, whining, pouting, stomping my feet, funky, depression today. If you haven't noticed by now, I am a little bit of a control freak.
(so I've been told But I don't think so.... Just do it my way the first time and it'll save us all some time.)
I do not deal well when things are out of my control.
Today is a BIG Slap-Me-In-The-Face reality check. I have no control!!! If I did, this would NOT be happening yet....

My Beautiful "Foreman in pink" Brooke Turns 4 today.
I can't believe how fast this is happening! I swear yesterday she was a little 5lb 5oz. little wrinkled ball of pink who depended on me for everything.
Now, she is growing up. She is fearless. And becoming more independent every day. She used to need me to carry her wherever she went.... Now she climbs up and runs doing it all herself.

She used to be scared of animals. Now she watches over them diligently and with a close eye.

She is the only girl in the house other than Mommy. She is a flirt. She is tough. She is Brave. She can beat up all 4 of her big brothers with ease.

But she does it all with style. She may kick your butt... but she will do it with her pretty boots on.

She is learning her way around the kitchen, and can make even the biggest mess seem adorable.
She is very much a princess amongst the mud & muck. But she never bats an eye. She has a "can do" attitude, and does it with a smile.

She likes the girly-girl things. But has No problem getting down and dirty.

Her hero is her daddy, he can do no wrong. She is very much a daddy's girl.

I am so proud to say she is my daughter. She brings a smile to my face. But today she also brings a tear to my eye, because she is growing up too fast.
As Brooke would say... "I can't want it!" I want her to stay my little baby girl for a little bit longer. I want her to need me longer.

Happy Birthday
I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming!
I Love You!
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