Dec 6, 2007

Confessions of a Kitchen Gadget Junkie.

My name is Dana.... I'm a kitchen gadget junkie. Let me introduce you to a few of my bestest friends.

Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker

I adore my Cocomation. I make lots of Hot Chocolate Mix every year to send outside with the poor freezing young-men-folk. I don't care if you make your hot chocolate with skim milk (bleck) or water (double-bleck) or not... This will make it creamy! I'm telling you it's true!!!

All you do is pour in your water. (or milk.. or Half & Half) Dump in your mix. And turn this baby on. a little twirly-thingie in the center creates a really cool whirlpool and it spins & spins and whips air into your cocoa..... here is the kicker.... It brings your cold beverage to the PERFECT HOT temperature, then turns itself off!! It's a no-brainer!! (I like no-brainers.... my poor little brain has enough to confuse it all by itself)

Saladacco Spiral Slicer

This incredible gadget has made my father-in-law green with envy (he is also a kitchen gadget junkie and he doesn't have one!!!)

I'm sure you've seen slicers before... But this one is different!! It can turn just about any veggie into the thinnest angel-hair-like loooong shreds you've ever seen. I have never ever seen one that makes shreds this long.. or even half as thin!

It was made for those who follow the "raw diet" they use it to make angel-hair "pasta" from carrots, yams, any other solid veggie.

I use it to make the Worlds BEST hash-browns!! I tell ya.... this thing is also a money saver. You can make one good sized potato stretch out to make enough hash-browns for a family of four!! seriously!!!

I use this thing a LOT!

With one turn of the blade it turns into a ribbon cutter.... yummmmm!! Those fried potato ribbons you ate at the State Fair?? Make em for pennies!!!! I was playing one day and actually made one radish turn into a continuous 3 foot long strip!! It's too cool!!!

Vegetable Chop & Measure

I use a lot of onions.... I mean a LOT of onions... Onions make anything better! (My family says that I;d put onions in chocolate pudding if I could get away with it) I really REALLY like onions! This little gadget makes my life soooo much easier!!

Cut your onions in half.. set it on this thing... press the top down... POOF perfect small diced onions!! No more big chunks..... No more tears! its perfect!

It also works well with eggs for egg salad.... green peppers..... not so good for tomatoes... kinda schmooshes em too much.

I use this every single day!

Here are some links for these wonderful kitchen gadgets...

I do not work for any of these companies. and I'm sure you can find em yourself from other retailers by googling it.

Yooo hoooooo retailers.... I'm giving you a plug.....

Do you see this???

Send me more gadgets!!


Pretty please???

With sugar on top??

I'm sick... I know.... Just sick....

Its an addiction......


Must find more kitchen gadgets!

Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas for Christmas! Thanks for sharing.

~Cindy~ said...

ohhhhhhhhh Dana I want I NEED a cocomation thingamabobby...YES I NEED ONE!!!
ArkansasLady aka ~Cindy~

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