Dec 6, 2007

You Might Be a Homesteading Housewife If.....

#1 Your husband brags that he does "Double-Duty" in the bathroom.
Double-Duty = Sitting on your throne and shooting a squirrel out of the window with your pellet gun simultaneously . (note to self.... never EVER try this with a shotgun in your tiny TINY bathroom trying to make your husband proud..... You may never ever hear again. Well, the ringing doesn't go away for at least three days!)

#2 Your family will turn off the TV, cast books aside, and run outside to watch the turkeys fight and you call it "Family Entertainment".

#3 You have ever shouted the words.. "Shut The Door and Get That Chicken OFF Of The Table"!!!

#4 You are reminded to always ALWAYS roll up the windows in your car when you pull into the post office and a very upset Rooster runs out of the car before you do!

#5 Your son's 1st grade teacher calls you and asks you to please explain to him that not all of his classmates want to know how puppies are made.

#6 Your Best Friend will not bring her children over unless you promise NOT to tell them that the cute baby bunnies & pigs & cows are going to be DINNER in the future.

#7 You find yourself standing in line at the bank and notice a smell..... Only to realize the smell is coming from your shoes. (the ones you forgot to change after going into the pig pen)

#8 You can give directions to your house by saying "Turn in at the 7' tall metal rooster at the end of the driveway". (and everyone within 20 miles knows EXACTLY where that is!)

#9 You walk through the grocery store and someone yells "Hey Egg Lady!" and you know without a doubt that they are talking to you.

#10 You go to the High School to get two of your boys out of class so they can help you catch the cows who managed to escape... again.

***yes.. these are true stories from our farm life*** look for more each week. sadly, I don't think I'll ever run out of these kind of stories.
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Anonymous said...

LOL OMG I may want to rethink the farm idea!

Karen said...

"#5 Your son's 1st grade teacher calls you and asks you to please explain to him that not all of his classmates want to know how puppies are made."

My 8 year old has been educating her classmates on how baby goats are made and has told everyone that the billy pees on himself to make himself attractive to all the girls. She has also told them about watching the babies being born, in great detail. I'm glad we are in a rural school and have an understanding teacher.

Rose said...

Hmmm. Sounds like home LOL. Found you through P Dubs blog. Going to go look around a bit.

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