Dec 7, 2007

Another Shining BMA moment.

OK… only one on this list today.
But it’s a bad one.
I am going straight to hell.
Sorry, but I can’t think of another way to say it.
I am a very very bad mother.

Worker #3 came to me this morning with a question.
Worker number three LOVES to try to stump you or make you uncomfortable with his questions…
This little snot is too smart for his own good.. but luckily for me, he is also kinda gullible.

“Mom” He said…
“Why should people not have sex before they are married?”

We have had this talk before because I do have 2 teenage boys in the house and one of worker #3’s classmates is pregnant this year (12 years old!!) …. I have explained our beliefs, What God says about it, the problems of teen parenthood, STD’s etc… I didn’t have the strength to go into it all again this morning….

So what did I say??

"No one should have sex before they are married because if you have sex before you are married you get “stuck” just like the dogs do. How would you explain that to your mother?!?!?" "Now go get your shoes on before you miss the bus!"

For the first time in his life Worker #3 walked away speechless


I suck
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Windows Wide Open said...

LOL!! OOOOhhh my did I ever spew my tea and laugh n laugh at this one!

Whew, Dana, you get the gold star today ;)


Dana said...

tea spewing? I have hit a new low! lol

I'm glad ya like it! ;)

Thanks for the comment.. Comments Make me jump for joy!

Lacey said...

Oh my goodness!!! That sounds like something my mother would have said to us when we were younger!! Thank you for that I needed a good laugh.

Mikey said...

ooooo, wiping tears... that was good. I'm TOTALLY going to use that in the future.
Thanks :)

sweetlilmagnolia said...

That one is priceless as well as timeless!!! The BMA should have an award for a comment like that!!! and if ya dont mind...I may just us it myself!
Debbi in TX

Eckmama said...

I'm still laughing--saw the "Bad Mothers Anonymous" and knew I definitely would fit in so I clicked on it. I can't wait to tell my husband, he'll get a kick out of it too! He likes to tell our kids bizarre stuff like that and freak them out (his favorite is telling them they'll have to get shots in their TONGUE), so when he says something real they'll all turn to me with a worried look and wait for me to tell them if daddy is teasing or not. This one's great, though.

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

they'll have to get shots in their TONGUE)

OOOOH I'll have to remember than one!!

look for another BMA post later today! ;)

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