Dec 18, 2007

From the mouths of Short People.

"Mommy.... turn off the sun for me!" (we were driving in the car and the sun was in The-Little-Foreman-in-Pink's eyes)

"Mom!! My left leg weighs the same as my right! (we got a new scale and worker #4 was trying it out by standing on one leg then the other.)

"Mom... I feel a skunk in my nose!" (My brother when he smelled a skunk)

"My new step dad hits my mom all the time!" (worker #3 to my ex-in-laws!! after seeing the Man-of My-Dreams playfully smack my butt a few times while walking past me in the kitchen.)

"I know what drugs are! My step dad takes me with him when he buys drugs all the time!" (again, worker #3, this time at school during an anti-drug "Just Say No" program! Man-of-My-Dreams used to smoke cigarettes, Marlboro's.... Worker #3 didn't know how to read too well yet and thought it was marijuana!)

"Mom... the dogs tails are tied in a knot again" (worker #4 after watching our Great Danes mate)

"Mommy!! I fell and the floor hit me!!"

"Mommy!!! My shirt is getting wet... Turn off the rain please!"

"Mommy.... Your not fat... Your soft."

"Mom... That onion your cutting makes my eyes rain."

"My mom always makes our house smell! we need some of that stuff!!" (worker #4 at a friends house seeing a Febreeze commercial on TV, Thank goodness he explained that I made it smell with candles etc.. it was good smells. but the commercial said it was for smelly houses! didn't say good or bad.)

"My Mom is going to kill us." (worker #4 to his teacher after learning about the dangers of smoking.... he was very concerned about the fact I smoke a lot of meat and feed it to him.)

"Mom... Papa's mom never taught him how to button big boy pants." (papa wears overalls all the time so he must not know how to wear real big boy pants!)
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Rising Rainbow said...

You never know what is going to come out of their mouths. the little

Leeann said...

How cute are your kids? I can tell they are very imaginative by what they say! :::grin:::


Mikey said...

Lol, just surfed in from PW's. Love your blog! Had lots of giggles on this page. Oh my!!
My 3 yr old had one the other day, we were taking her temperature and she wanted to do it herself. When it beeped we said "What does it say, punkin?" and she said quite proudly "4 pounds!"
ahhh, that's kids :)

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