Dec 18, 2007


Why can a cold make your nose so stuffed up that no air can pass through it at all, But Thick nasty mucus can literally POUR out of it??

Why do Christmas lights that you carefully wind around boxes at the end of the holiday season each year before they are put in the attic come out for the next Christmas all tangled up? (i just know there is an attic fairy who does nothing but mess with lights!)

Why does the flashlight always work when you don't need it? But Let the power go out just one time and the batteries are ALWAYS dead?

Why does the dog decide to jump on you to show you his love ONLY when you have a pocket full of fresh eggs?

Why, when the short people wash dishes, do they never drop the plastic Dora The Explorer and Circus animal cups, but will drop MY pretty wine glass every darn time?

Why do light-bulbs burn out in clusters? Never just one at a time?

Why does everyone tell me... "You have the most well behaved well mannered respectful children I have ever had visit my house." But they are little smart mouthed snotty brats at home? (whom I love dearly **roll eyes**)

Why does the train stop across the road, and sit there for 10 minutes, ONLY when I am running late?

Why will the cow step on your foot ONLY on a day you decide to throw caution to the wind and wear flip-flops out to feed her?

Why do I wake up during the night every-time a child makes the slightest noise, But a pack of loud barking dogs can come kill half my flock of turkeys and I don't hear a thing?

Why does the phone ring every-time I sit down in the bathroom?

Why do the batteries in the loud, obnoxious, music playing, cartoon character, LOUD, singing guitar or fire truck that your childless friends insist on buying for your kids, Never ever die? But the quiet educational toys that you actually want your kids to play with kills batteries in 4 minutes flat?

Why when my child knocks over a drink, does it ALWAYS end up running into MY lap and not their own?

Why does it seem I'll never run out of whys? (I used to think I was pretty smart... before i had kids!)
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Joann said...

I know the Why's can go on & on
like your post. Keep up the good work.

Joann said...

Hey it's me again Joann
I didn't mean that your post goes on & on. I forgot to but an I like your post. left out the I. Sorry
@ work & typing fast.

Dana said...

Don't worry, I knew whatcha meant ;) But I can be wordy too.. so its all good sister!

Thanks for the comment!!
I get all teary-eyed when I get a comment..
it's a good-I'm-Happy-Shocked-That-Someone-actually-reads-my-dribble kinda cry tho.

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