Dec 13, 2007

You Might Be a Homesteading Housewife If... part 2

#1 You invite guests for dinner and their first question is "Who will we be eating tonight?".

#2 The Young-Men-Folk of the house will get up from their rooms when the "urge" hits them... walk down the hall, past the empty bathroom, through the living-room, out the front door to Make Water (as the-little-Foreman-in-pink calls it) in the front yard!

#3 The TV show Wife Swap actually contacts you begging you to be on their show. Finally you decide to do it. Only to find out you are being portrayed as the Freaky-Strange side of the Swap. (you can read our bio and press release in my old blog here)

#4 They used to know you by name at the Big City Starbucks, Now they know you by name at the local feed store.

#5 In school your youngest son learns about the dangers of smoking. When he comes home and finds you throwing a pig on the pit he is convinced you are trying to kill him. (cause it's smoked, geesh)

#6 Your son becomes the hot topic at school after he brings a friend home for dinner and this friend tells everyone the next day that You make cookies using flour and sugar and not from a box or plastic encased roll from the fridge! wow amazing!

#7 You earn the Title of "Fire Lady" in your neighborhood because you always have some fire burning somewhere on your property.... and this makes you swell with pride.

#8 Your Young Men Folk actually have two categories of baseball caps. Dressy & Everyday.

#9 You realize it took you more time and deep thought deciding what to name your farm than it did to decide what to name your children.

#10 You have ever had a child fall asleep crying because you wouldn't let him sleep with one of the baby goats in his bed.
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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award!!
It's about time!
keep up the great work!
Kimberly in Pa

m~ said...

I just stopped over from reading Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I love your homesteading house wife. A couple of them hit close to home, but #4 nailed me! Love your blog.

Mikey said...

Uh oh. #4 got me too. The feed store has our Xmas card up, and the vet STILL has ours from last year!
Yikes. Actually, I am the Horseshoeing Housewife, and I blog here

And the naming the farm vs the kid. Yup. Same here :)

Love your blog!!

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