Dec 14, 2007

Country Drivers v's City Drivers.

When I lived in Houston, I loved to drive. The heavy traffic wouldn't bother me at all.
I would drive to clear my head....
I would drive to Starbucks (usually more than once a day)...
I drove to clients homes...
I drove my caregivers to their clients homes...
I drove to the grocery store every day...
I drove to visit friends....
I drove all the time and loved it.

Now I have moved out to the country where there is no such thing as heavy traffic. (unless a train happens to stop over a crossing or you get behind a slow tractor)
I have turned into a traffic snob.
If I am behind three cars in town I wonder who died.

Not only is the amount of traffic different out here, but the Type of drivers are different.

In the city you must drive defensively or you'll get run over!
No one looks at each other while driving.
Everyone is plugged into their cell phones.
Their tires and rims shine and sparkle.
Their cars are a major source of pride and a status symbol.
If you happen to break down or God forbid get a flat tire, you are doomed. No one will stop to help you.. most won't even slow down when they are flying past you.
And road rage.. Oh my the road rage. I have been called things that would make a sailor blush.

In the country everyone waves at each other while they pass, sometimes it's just a subtle nod, or a couple fingers raised off of the steering wheel, sometimes its a smile.
When you let someone into traffic, they thank you.
If someone is driving slower than the flow of traffic, they pull over to the side of the road to let others pass.
Windows are open and everyone looks you in the eye as they pass.
You dont see too many cars or farm trucks with "Pimped out rims".
Their rubber tires do not shine brightly, there is usually mud somewhere on most vehicles.
You can't pull off to the side of the road to look at a map without at least three people stopping and offering to help you.
The cars and trucks out here may not be as pretty... But they work hard and we love them.

I still love to drive when I have to, but would much rather stay home.
It may be the cleaner air....
It may be the slower pace of things....
Maybe just maybe.. country folk are just nicer...
But whatever it is....
It's just another reason the country is so great!
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ClaireBoe said...

Oh, I got tears in my eyes reading this (seriously)! I wanna live in the country! Traffic is one of the really, really bad things about Southern California (the list goes on and on, however).

prairierunner said...

I am so glad I don't live in the city anymore. This did bring back nightmares though. Thanks I think I'l just stay at home.

Dana said...

Claireboe, I didn't mean to make you cry! ;) It'll be ok. I promise! lol

and prairierunner.... the city traffic is indeed the things of nightmares... I'll take a chainsaw wilding psychopath over heavy traffic any-day!

thanks for the comments y'all... I get so excited I almost wet my pants when I get a comment! (I have birthed 4 kids ya know.. my bladder isn't what it used to be **sigh** those were the days)

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