Jan 12, 2008

cheap smokin! (The Brinkmann Grill)

I have gotten several e-mails asking me what kind of smoker we use for smoking our meat. Well.... ours is made out of an old 500gal propane tank. A 500 gal propane tank is not for everyone.

But I was looking around today and talking to some of our friends and I found a great smoker for a great price and it does a great job!!
The Brinkmann Grill!
This baby can put out some smoke!! I was very impressed.
It is a smaller size so everyone could find a place to stick it.
But it has over 188" of cooking space!
I think it's a great idea!!

If your looking fora great little smoker check out The Brinkmann Grill and you too can smoke some wonderful meat!
It is fueled by charcoal.... but I'd throw in some of your favorite smokin wood too!

So if your lookin for a great smoker for a little price tag.. check out The Brinkmann Grill!!
and Get Smokin!!!
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Darlene said...

I've got the Brinkmann and it's worth every penny. Our favorite is smoked turkey breast YUM!

Dana said...

oooh another Brinkmann fan! I plan to get one when some of these boys move out!! for now.. the only thing big enough is our HUGE monster of a smoker! ;)

Thanks for the comment! Comments make my heart sing!

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