Jan 13, 2008

Beating the winter blahs....


I live in Texas... our winter blues are not brought on by feet of frigid snow. (not that I would mind a little snow)

Our blues are not brought on my slick ice. Or even slushy slush.
My winter blues are brought on by the brownness.
The blahiness. (dontcha just love making up new words?)
There are crunchy non fall-colored leaves all over.
There is mud from the rains.
It's just ugly.
It's not cold cold. It does frost some nights. And it's still wet humid yucky. BLAH.

At least snow feels clean.
At least snow looks clean. (cept for the snow near Akron Ohio... our snow there was gray... yuck!)
Icicles hanging all over look majestic and jewel-like.
But the mud here is not majestic. It is not pretty.
It does not look clean. it is Blah!

Today I filled 4 planters with rich dirt and compost.

One of the planters is now planted with various chives.

One is full of herbs

One is full of lettuce.

And one is full of tomatoes!! (there is nothing in the world better than a home grown tomato!!)

Ooooh I can't wait!!!

Soon I'll have homegrown veggies.. even tho it is brown and chilly and blah outside.

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Mikey said...

Good job! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's getting things planted. Here in AZ, if you don't plant NOW, or in the next 2 weeks, your crop burns up by May. I'm a little obsessed about it.
I shall be outside shortly, making the garden dog and rabbit proof. And if you know how to make it 3 yr old child proof, please write and tell me.

m~ said...

Yeah for you! I'm sure I could do some box frames, but I lack motivation. Arkansas isn't that different from Texas, but last year we had a freeze at Easter and had to cover everything for 3 nights. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Dana said...

hmmm 3 year old proof? good luck with that!

My motivation is the fact that I can't stand paying $4 for mealy, tasteless, things that the store sells and have the nerve to call tomatoes! ;)

I want good ole juices drippin down yer arm, sweet to eat right off the vine maters. yummmm I live on BLT's during tomato season... home grown bacon home grown lettuce home baked bread and yep...... the tomatoes! **drool drool drool***

thanks for the comments y'all... I dance a little jig when I get comments!

Kathleen said...

I have green beans and cucumbers started. Actually my 11yos started them in containers on our deck. Now I need some sort of trellis because they are growing fast.

I really need to get some tomatoes going before it gets too hot for them. It's funny how most of the country is frozen but here in south Florida it is time to have a garden.

ClaireBoe said...

Sounds great, Dana!

I'm a mean new friend. I tagged you for a meme, since you're dealing with brownness right now. This oughta put a little color in your life. Head on over to my blog, please. If you don't wanna do the meme, that's okay. I'll still visit you here. :-)

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