Jan 14, 2008

He's fine!

well.. The Man-of-My-Dreams had his knee surgery this morning.
Thanks to all who sent prayers and warm thoughts they meant a lot!

They found out that he did indeed have a 75% tear of his cartilage, they took out the damaged part and sewed him right on up and he should be great after he heals. Thank Goodness!!

Now to answer the real burning question...

How did he do with the anesthesia?
hmmm well he did go to sleep quickly. he didn't get past 98 (you know when they tell you to count backwards from 100).

I was a little bit worried about him waking up swinging.... because he was a fighter in his younger days....

My man.... My husband... Mr tough Guy....
Turned into the biggest pile of flirting mush you have ever seen!

He woke up complaining because there was no music playing.
Then he proceeded to sing and ask all of the nurses to dance!

Of course they all fell in love with him.

Who wouldn't?
I mean... a big strapping man serenading you and asking you to dance? as long as you could ignore the drool he seemed perfect! ;)

He's fully awake now and sitting on the couch complaining about the fact he isn't outside fixing the fence where the Smarter-Than-Your-Average-Cow managed to push through yet again.

All is back to normal and he's gonna be fine....

Thank Goodness to Vicodin or I'd never make it through this week!
I'll just keep him doped up and we'll be fine.
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legendaryabundance said...

A well fed man living better pharmaceutically :) Sounds like the plan :)
So glad to hear all is well.

Dana said...

Yep.... he says I'm trying to fatten him up for the kill. geesh and they say we women are dramatic?? lol

thanks for the comment! I dance a little jig when I get comments!

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