Jan 3, 2008

Goals for 2008 (My Journey Into Frugality)

This year I want to implement all the things I have been talking about and reading about for a long time, but haven't really put into practice too well yet.

The Man-of-My-Dreams has a wonderful job and makes good money.
He makes more now than he ever has.
The problem is, I end up spending almost all of it each pay period.

No, I don't buy frivolous things. (cept the occasional Starbucks drink)
But I do manage to spend almost everything he brings home every darn time!
We do not buy with credit cards, so we have that covered. (thank goodness! I know darn well I'd get myself into trouble with credit cards!)

This year I plan to be more thrifty.
I am going to try to make it almost like a game.....

How much can I save this month?
How much can I tuck away in the savings account this month?

I'm gonna chronicle my journey to frugality here so we can see how it goes and maybe you can help me see areas where I need to improve. (I'm sure there will be many!)

Here are some of my first goals.... (there will be tons more I'm sure!)

Cook even more from scratch & eliminate all processed foods. (this should not only help my bank account but hopefully our health as well!)

Grow more/ buy less seeds cost WAY less than produce from the store and the quality & taste is 100% times better! (My garden was a disgrace last year!)

Can Can Can!!!... I would LOVE to see my storage shelves full of home-grown veggies that I put up from the garden to feed us all year long! (I really need to get over my fear of the pressure canner!)

Cut those coupons! I know.... most coupons are for processed junk... But I'm sure there are lots I will use if I simply take the time to look.

Pay off stuff.... we make monthly payments on our TV & Computer. Why not double up on some payments and eliminate the interest and get rid of those bills sooner?

Try to limit shopping/trips to town to two times a week. I often find myself running into town almost every day. With a little forethought and planning 90% of those trips are unnecessary. The savings on gas alone will be big!

Always ALWAYS use a shopping list and do NOT impulse buy. Boy oh Boy am I a sucker for impulse items! I run into the store for 2 things and come out with 15! Yes, these are things we'll use and need.. but if I didn't see them in the store, I wouldn't need em, at least not right now.

Plan my family meals by the week and NOT by the day or "Mood". This will help me with that shopping list too!

Get 100% of the light bulbs in my home to those cute curly energy efficient ones. Most are already.. but there are still some suckers that aren't!

Stock -Up . Take advantage of great sales and bulk items that we will use later. Like now.... Black eye peas are crazy cheap after the New Years Holiday. I bought 5 pounds. Dry beans will keep forever if stored right. We'll eat em later and they won't be so cheap next month!

Turn stuff off!! It costs between 1-2 cents per hour to run your computer. By turning off my computer and printer at night I may be saving myself $60 per year!

Earn Your Keep!! I am getting rid of anything that lives here who wont earn their keep! Cows = beef & someday milk. Chickens = eggs/meat, Rabbits = meat, Turkeys = meat, Cats = rodent control for the barn/garden, Great Danes = $ from pups & Alarm system. Otis the killer Boston Terrier Puppy = entertainment & general cuteness. Young-Men-Folk = uh oh.... gotta think about them, they may have to go!

Insulate!! We have a very old house... that means drafty doors and windows.. I'm gonna weather strip anything and everything I can find!

Barter! This is something I'd LOVE to do! Trade goods & services with others. I already do this with one of my neighbors... I bring her homemade jams & jellies & Amish Peanut Butter, and she gives my wonderful homemade candles! There has to be more I can work out! we'll see.

None of these things by themselves is huge... None of these changes should be painful or difficult. I just need to stick to it! That's where my problem usually lies.... I have great ideas then never manage to stick with it. 2008 is the year I will STICK TO IT!!!

any other ideas? Please feel free to comment and give me some more thoughts!!

I'll post more as the days go on.

Join me on my Journey Into Frugality!!!!
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3 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

Anonymous said...

Wow you sound like me. My idea's
of saving money even a little always some how go out the window.
I'm am going to try this also, each little bit helps & adds up as they say. So good luck. I will keep you posted on my end how it is going.

legendaryabundance said...

Hey! sound's like our goals!! We just made our own laundry soap and laundry softener - SOOOO easy and way way cheaper than store bought. We don't have property or animals yet, so I have to find other ways to save :) - but the property and animals are what we're saving for!
Good luck! I can't wait to see how it goes and check out all your great ideas!
our blog is legendaryabundance @ blogger - so you'll know when I've been here :)

Angela said...

Have you all heard of moneysavingmom.com it is the best money saving website you'll find!

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