Jan 4, 2008

Oh The Joys of Parenting Teens... or NOT! (rant of the day)

ok.. you know by now that I can be a little bit of a smart-alic.
I have been known to be a smart-mouth.
I have been known to be a little bit of a prankster.
Even a jokester every now and then.

It would only be natural for some of these qualities to rub off on some of the short people around here.

But someone needs to teach them the difference between funny and just mean!

As I told you about in my (Journey to Frugality post) I am trying really hard to spend way less.

I planned my whole weeks dinners & shopping to include some of the short peoples favorite foods and cheap meals. (this week I tried to feed us on $30)

tonight I made a HUGE pot of Baked Beans with hot dogs cut up in them & a green salad.

Well.... I always doctor the beans up good... brown sugar...molasses.... salsa... onions... etc...

I asked my 15 yr old son (worker #2) to go get me one of the jars of mild homemade salsa. he went out and got one, I dumped it into the pot and as I cooked it, I kept tasting it ... It was hot... it was VERY hot... almost too hot for me to taste! My lips were on fire.....

I looked at the jar.... the sticker was missing.... I always label the salsa.... I looked in the trash can and found the label.... "Dana's Bottled Hell". That's super-hot salsa that I make for the Man-of-My-Dreams and his friends.

I asked Son #2 about it.. and he did it on purpose. Thought it would be funny.

I can't serve it to the Little Foreman-in-Pink. I can't serve it to workers 3 & 4. Even worker #1 who loves all things hot wouldn't eat it because it was too hot!

The huge pot of food was ruined!

Now, I would have not gotten angry if it had been an accident.... Accidents happen. BUT when he tells you he did it on purpose and even went so far as to hide the label that he scratched off..... that's a little less innocent.

Worker #2 did eat some and of course, said it wasn't THAT hot.
I'm thinking that son #2 will be eating super-hot beans & hot dogs for every single meal (including breakfast) until they are gone.

Note to novice pranksters...... sometimes your prank will not go as planned.... ..... an "I'm sorry" will work wonders too. (no-one told worker #2 this fact)
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Anonymous said...

Oh, he'd be eatin' it every meal alright. Sounds like something my teenager in training would do. I have a pot of chili on now that hubby started before going to work, GIANT pot of chili. My oldest (who's only 12) has already offered to eat the whole thing! I was hoping I'd have some to freeze........ I'll just have to freeze it before he gets to it with a spoon, lol.

CJ said...

Now now Dana, in a few years you'll look back on this and laugh yourself silly... it IS funny!

Funny though it is, I agree with your punishment method, make him eat it until it's gone... although I'd probably only make him eat it for dinner each night.


Anonymous said...

yeah ur right, thats your part of our son, he must have got that from you...lol

Dana said...

well.. the beans are now gone. it only took 4 days ;)

I;m thinkin he never wants to see another bean as long as he lives!

I win.

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