Jan 22, 2008

Hello Beautiful!

Lookie what I've got!

I am willing spring to come!

Is there anything better than feeling the satisfaction when you see your first sprouting tomato seedling of the year?

Well... maybe taking the first bite from that first, sweet from the vine, juices running down your arm, dripping off your elbow and chin home grown tomato... but it is a close second....

Hello Beautiful!
And Hello to all your beautiful friends too!
Oooh and Hello chives... You cute little things you...
So happy to have you join me. Hi!
and to join my 72 tomato seedlings
planter full of chives.
planter full of parsley
planter full of basil.
planter full of sage.
I also have 55 sweet pepper plants starting.
and 55 HOT pepper plants starting (those are the the Man-of-My-Dreams. I'm too big of a sissy to eat those!)
Hurry Spring!!!
Pretty Please???
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