Jan 21, 2008

Lazy Day

The Man-of-My-Dreams is home sick with the flu.

He is really getting tired of being the patient.
Last week his knee surgery... this week the flu.
He is NOT impressed to say the least!

It's windy, wet, & chilly outside.
It's the kind of day when you just feel like snuggling back down under the covers and staying there.

We watched some TV.

(Notice how the Man-of-My-Dreams looks like he's getting ready to kill the sweet loving woman behind the camera? Geesh!!
men are not nice when they are sick! cept to their baby girls, she is right at home in his lap.)

Pretty soon I noticed there were less and less people in the room with me....
I looked around and found em ...
then I looked for a gas leak! lol there was none. Just a good old dose of the Lazies.

I found the Little-Foreman-in-Pink passed out on the ottoman in the living room.

I found worker #4 crashed in MY bed!

Worker #3 was also there... Remember this quilt? I did indeed finish it! and he does indeed love it! whew!

workers #1 & #2 snuck outside to play with their paint-ball gun.. I now have pretty fluorescent green and orange trees!

And of course I didn't sleep at all! there was no room left for me!

Oh.. and the Man-of-My-Dreams? well he told me that I'd be sleepin with the cows if I posted the picture of him in his NyQuil induced coma on the couch.... maybe later. ;)

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