Jan 31, 2008

Monthly BMA Meeting (Bad Mothers Anonymous)

Poor Poor Worker #1

1.) I was out in the shed/barn with worker #1. I was annoyed with the amount of junk that just gets thrown in there. I found an old silver platter under the hay.... "Why do y'all just throw everything in here?!?!?" I yelled. I threw the platter out of the door.
Worker #1 turned around to see what I was yelling about....
Yep, you guessed it... the air caught the platter just right (think Frisbee) it whacked him right between the eyes... HARD!
He instantly fell to the ground like a sack of rocks.....
I could hardly run to check on the poor wounded child because I was laughing so hard.
(Don't worry... the bruising & swelling will go down in a day or two).

2.) Being the wonderful and kind mother that I am, I sent worker #1 a zip-lock baggie full of Jerky to eat after school. (he loves jerky) Only to realize , after he left, that I had mistaken the bag of Bacon treats for the dog for beef jerky. He ate em all! .... so, I didn't bother to tell him about the mix-up.

3.) Worker #1 was having trouble with his algebra homework. I decided I would help him. (dad was not home.. he is the math-helper)
I quickly realized what he was doing wrong and we spent the next hour changing every answer on his homework. I explained how to do the problems... we worked and worked at it until he understood the right way to do this type of problem....

When they graded the homework.. he missed every single question... The ones we erased.. were right the first time. oops! (I didn't know you could actually get a 20 on a paper!)

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legendaryabundance said...

I too attend BMA! I had one year when we were BROKE!!!BROKE!!! and our middle son's b-day rolled around in Sept. (and we just didn't mention it....then in about oct. when he realized..."HEY! When was my birthday?! We told him he was born on a leap year and that we only celebrate every 4 years!" - He was only about 5 at the time...so...he bought it :) YEP - I'm goin to HELL! ;Oo

Mikey said...

That made me laugh out loud! Toooo funny!

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

thanks for the comment! would you mind if I publish your confession on our new BMA website?

dont worry.. no names will be listed unless you want them to be. ;)

legendaryabundance said...

sure! I'll ask the kids what some other things are - :) They'll remember them even if I have "blocked them out" :)My friend and I say we've given up saving for our kids college funds - now we're just saving for therapy for them ;)

Anonymous said...

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