Jan 7, 2008

Preparing for a difficult week.

The Man-of-My-Dreams is scheduled to have knee surgery on Monday (the 14th).

We went to the hospital to pre-register today.

The nurse came in to talk to him....

She went over the normal questions....

Are you allergic to any medications? yep...... true

Any funky side effects from anesthesia? nope.... He would never know because he has never even had stitches. I'm just waiting for him to wig out on me and start looking for pink submarines in the recovery room.... I will try to sneak in my video camera.. it should be great!

High blood pressure? nope

Blood disorders? nope

Do you know how to use crutches? yep.... LOL sure you do.. big man..... the first thing he wanted to to was have a race with the boys. (they sent them home with him today so he can practice)

Do you need me to explain the pain management drugs to you? nope... I won't need any. This is where I had to step in.... I am married to a wonderful man... But he will live in terrible pain and not take anything for it! I understand people not wanting to take unneeded drugs.... But Come on people!! If you are hurting.... I mean REALLY hurting like oh.... you just had your knee cut open and crushed cartilage scooped out then stitches put in hurting... Take the pain meds for cryin out loud!!! Why sit there in pain? Why make the rest of your family suffer because you are being stubborn. It is legal for you to take the "good stuff" under these circumstances you are in pain.. TAKE IT!!!

You do understand that you will need to rest and stay off of your leg for 5 days.. right? Ha! I'll be out cutting wood and working by Tuesday. Bring it on!! ((Grunt grunt)) It was at this point I pulled the nurse out of the little consult room and begged her for some other drugs that I could use to knock him out. She laughed.... she obviously doesn't know who she is dealing with here!!! This man is unable to just sit there..... he MUST be up and doing something at all times or I truly think his head will explode!!! she said no.... then I broke into tears and begged for something to knock ME out until he was all better.

You cannot eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery, ok? What?? you know .... my knee doesn't really hurt that bad after all.... I think we should just drop this whole idea... come on lets go get lunch. Honey sit down and be quiet!

Do you have any questions?

Can I drive home? no, NO!

What about breakfast? can I eat a little breakfast? Nothing to eat or drink. Baby... drop it. I'll be waiting with a Big Mac when you wake up ok? now shhhhh!

What about Sprite... it's clear... it doesn't count as "real" food or drink does it? Can I have my Sprite? No, NOTHING to eat or drink. Honey.... stop it. You wont die I promise.

Get out of my office!!! I'll see you Monday Morning.....
Please pray for me..... please.
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legendaryabundance said...

OH okay...our hubbys were obviously separated at birth. Some kind on weird twin thing going on. My hubby had his knee surgery 7 years ago. The weird side effects were halucinations and anger! They actually had to strap him down - did not make him any happier and at one point they dropped him after surgery because the poor male nurses were afraid of him.
When he was at home taking the pain meds that he swore he wouldn't need....he would again halucinate (the kids and I still laugh about it - still not funny to him ;)
Yeah...I will sooooo be praying for you...maybe the nurse will understand and just give you that script after all ;)

Dana said...

this is what I see happening here too! everyone in our house knows not to sneak up on Daddy when he is sleeping... should I tell the staff that? or maybe just have the video camera running so I'll have something good to shoot? **giggle**

thanks for the comment! I just love comments!

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