Jan 8, 2008

Week #2 (My Journey into frugality)

The more thought I put into this Journey into Frugality, the more areas of my life I realize could be considered "fugal" if done right.

My Home... Nope, I'm not talking about energy efficiency , though that is very important... I'm talking about space! As I have whined and complained about many MANY times.. we have a very very small house... there are 7 of us living here, this leave very very little space...

The problem is... It it very cluttered. Not "dirty" but cluttered. Every horizontal surface in my house seems to be a magnet for "stuff".
I have stacks of "stuff".
I have bins of "stuff".
I have closets full of "stuff".
I have bags of "stuff".
I have shelves of "stuff".
I have boxes of "stuff".

Too much stuff.

I need to be fugal with my space in my house.
Today I am going to start with my office/desk area.
I am going to purge and throw out "stuff".
I am going to fight my urge to keep things.
This is a very big deal for me.
I don't like to throw "stuff" out. I never have.... I look at my stuff and think.. "Hey I might need that someday!" So it sits in a stack of stuff and I never ever end up using it.

The Mam-of-My-Dreams, however could throw out everything!!
He will be shocked when he comes home and finds things a little less "stuffed & Cluttered".

I mean I want to have a tidy clutter-free home....
I want to be able to showcase the things I really love instead of it getting lost in the clutter.
But I get overwhelmed then quit.

I am NOT going to get over whelmed this time. (I hope)
I will get clutter gone. (or at least greatly reduced)
I will organize the "Stuff" that I do decide to keep.

So now.. I am sitting behind one bin labeled "Throw Out"
One bin labeled "Sell"
One bin labeled "Keep"
and one bin labeled "Donate"

Wish me luck....
If you don't hear from me in a day or two, please send help.... I may have gotten stuck under "Stuff"!
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legendaryabundance said...

It's because you never know when you will need it and it's prob. 2 days after you throw it out. My hubby would be glad to live with NOTHING! Hey..one towel each is enough ;) I on the other hand obviously have some type of ocd with linens. My kids think it's funny to see how many boxes are linens and how many are books when ever we move. I resolved to list some of my precious "stuff" on e-bay. (That's because my hubby says "throw it away" I say "I'll give it to Goodwill". He say's "just throw it away" I respond.."I CAN'T - I'll take it to salvation army"..he adds "it'll just stay in the trunk of the car for month's before I throw it away..." gee I hate when he's right..... ;) (but at least if it's in the trunk I'll know just where it is when I DO need it ;)

Linda said...

I do the same as you, SAVE! One thing that works for me is to empty a drawer and as I need an item I put it back in the drawer, everything that I haven't used within a certain timeframe I get rid of.

Dana said...

whoo hoo!! together we can overcome!! keep me posted on your progress.. I'll do the same.

Thanks got the comments! I feel loved when I get comments!

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