Jan 9, 2008

I Need a Time Machine QUICK!!!

I need to go back in time!!
I am scared.
I mean truly terrified!
I am, at this very second, having a "Stomping my foot screaming I Don't Want It!!!" moment.

I have fooled myself for as long as I can... I thought I was in charge of things around here... I thought I had some say so on how things went. I thought I had some control!...

I have No control.. No control over anything!!!! if I did.. this would not be happening!!!

Worker #1 started Drivers Ed yesterday. remember worker #1?? <---(click to read about him) Oh dear! When did he become old enough to drive????
How did this happen??
I can't even get him to keep his pants pulled up and they are gonna let him DRIVE?!?!?!?
This is the same child who can't walk through a room without knocking something over or falling down!
He is a great kid.... but drive?!?!? Oh my goodness!!!!

I guess it's a good thing he'll be in the classroom portion of the driving thing for a month.. so I can get used to the idea.
Then I have to teach him how to drive a real moving vehicle!! Oh My Goodness!!

I really better get used to it....
Worker #2 starts Drivers Ed next month...... remember him?? <---(click to read about him)
We may never be safe again!!!
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