Nov 1, 2007

Sweet Blackmail Time

Yesterday being Halloween gave me a chance to add some ammo to my Blackmail file.
This is one of my 15 year old Sons Chris.
Yes, he is the same Chris who is the
High School Football player.
Ain't 'he' purdy?
Its a good thing his dad is working out of town....
he wouldn't like these at all!
Oh my... didn't I read somewhere that children growing up without a father may start actin a little different than norm?
Maybe Hubby being gone isn't such a good thing....
but its only been 3 weeks and he is home 2 days a week...
Anyway.. these are neatly tucked away in my file.....
Just wait till he is a little bit older....
Ha ha ha (evil laugh) **rubbing hands together**
Oooh the possibilities!!!
wait a min... there is something terribly wrong with the fact that my 15 year old SON has a better figure than me!
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Donna said...

Hmmm, reminds me of the breasts of most Hollywood women these days: NOT REAL!

Dana said...

LOL men's tube socks fill out a DD bra nicely.... and are WAY cheaper then implants! lol

Thanks for the comment.... I feel special now ;)

Maria Lovato said...

Have you ever done plums?

Thu LĂȘ said...

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