Nov 1, 2007


I'm gonna take a break from the otherwise witty, intelligent, entertaining, posts to re-group today.....

One of the reasons I am making this blog is to chronicle my attempts of getting down to the basics and "simpler" things in life.....

But I must tell ya.. I am NOT very organized. I'm downright UNORGANIZED, BIG time!!

As I sit here at my desk typing there are;

dishes that need put up,
Mt Laundry is ever-growing,
The wood floors need oiled,
I have no less than 3 quilts that need finished,
I have the paint to paint my kitchen cabinets,
pictures to re-hang in the newly painted bedroom,
the kitchen floor needs scrubbed
Salt needs to be dumped into the water softener
new filter needs put in the ice maker
kids beds need changed,
the screens need put on the outside windows,
the grass is getting to the point it needs mowed,
the burn pile needs burned,
leaves need raked up for composting,
garden needs cleaned out and put to bed for next year,
a/c filters need cleaned,
the seal under the front door needs replaced,
I need to mark Craig's socks so they don't get mixed up with the other boys (who have smaller feet)
I need to figure out what I'm making for dinner
I need to go to the feed store,
and come to think about it... this desk is a mess!
That's just the the beginning of the list!!

And I'm sitting here typing about it instead of doing it.

My goal today.....
Clean this house!!
I will not be back till its done....
If you haven't heard from me in a month or so.. please send someone to help dig me out!! lol

Have a great day!!
Lets see if I can manage to be productive and actually FINISH something!!!

I'll report back soon, I hope.....

**UPDATE** (5 hours later) I thought long and hard where to start with this cleaning mood I was in... and decided it would be best to lie down until the mood passed.. whew! I feel better!

Nooooo not reallly geesh! And even if that was what happened, do you really think I'd come on here and actually Tell You!?!?!?

first I took the puppy outside to go potty... and saw the Smarter-Than-Your-Average-Cow was out of her pen. Sooo out to the pen with a feed bucket I went. Thank Goodness Hershey will follow me with a feed bucket to the ends of the earth, because she won't let ya touch her!

Then it was off to the feed store, I know I know this was NOT getting my house clean.. but animal feed is even more important.

Then I dove into the kitchen....
cleaned dishes, well loaded the dishwasher.
scrubbed the sink.
wiped down everything else; Mixer, canisters, stove, fridge, dishwasher, etc...
de-cluttered the shelves (because any horizontal surface in my house becomes an easy catch-all at my house. I mean How do some of you do it?? I went to my brother-in-laws house a few weeks ago.. beautiful!! they have a loooong counter thingie between the entryway and living room of their house, I mean like 12 feet long!! She has a beautiful vase sitting on one end.. it looks like something out of a magazine. Nothing but ONE simply beautiful vase!! I was in awe.... and told her it'd take me and mine exactly 4 min to have it covered with several kinda-uniform stacks of "stuff". She just had one stinkingly beautiful vase!! I just shake my head.... Whats wrong with people? don't they KNOW counters/shelves were MADE to HOLD stuff? They are not happy empty they are NOT living up to their potential! What a sad sad utterly beautiful counter thingie! )

anyway... I got the kitchen done I even scrubbed the floor! whoo hoo! I went so far as to take a toothbrush to the cracks in the chairs! and scrubbed the table legs!

I hope you are all happy..... I don't know how long it will be before I get another mood to clean.

But my kitchen sure is purdy!
Thank you for your support!
We can now continue with our originally scheduled dribble.
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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one who procastinates and is addicted to the computer!! I do like your blog. Keep posting.

Michele (aka) Shellrow @ HT

Dana said...

Oh yes.. I am the Queen of procrastination land!! lol Thanks for the comment :) I feel loved

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