Oct 31, 2007

Filling the freezer the easy way.

I did it again tonight......
I decided I'd make Chicken Spaghetti for dinner.

Its posted in the recipe Box now.
Click HERE for the printable recipe.

(A really bad picture of chicken spaghetti, I forgot to take one earlier.. so this is the plate I re-heated after taking the kids out to Trick-Or-Treat. Its Much creamier first time round.. but just as yummy re-heated.)

I know this dish freezes beautifully!So I made a triple batch threw one in the oven and wrapped & labeled the other two. And into the freezer they went.

(this is how I froze it tonight.. but freezer paper and foil works just as well... if not better for long-term freezer storage. I have bad hand writing... deal with it.)

For the same amount of time and the same amount of work, I made three family-sized meals!
I know for a fact that my homemade chicken spaghetti tastes better than some "Stouffers frozen brick" does.
I know for a fact that It is healthier than the stores "convenience-is-more-important-than-quality" frozen foods.
I know exactly what is in the meal.
I know my family will like it..
And I know it is WAY cheaper to make THREE meals of my food than it is to buy ONE ready-made from the store! These type of home-made frozen family sized dinners are GREAT for those nights that football practice takes too long....

Or for those "I don't feel like cooking" nights that we all have once in awhile.

***tip*** These are great to have on hand to take to someone who needs some help or time off... someone in the hospital? New Baby? perfect! just tape an instruction card to the foil wrapped package and give it to them to toss in their freezer, this way they can use it when THEY want... not when you think they need it.

I feel so thrifty and Homesteady I could just cry.
I came....
I cooked....
I conquered!!
and my freezer is filling up!!
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