Oct 31, 2007

"I Love You" - my Rant of The Day

I was sitting here at my desk trying to figure out what amazingly interesting and intelligent topic to ramble about today when I heard my son (just turned 15) on the phone talking with his girl friend of maybe 3 seconds.
As he hung up he said... "I love you too"....

Oh Dear.. here we go. I doubt he knows this girls last name and he 'loves' her?!? Now, I know how the 15 yr old "I love you thing" is.... I was 15 years old and loved every boyfriend I ever had... But I never ever said it right away..... especially within the first 3 seconds of meeting them!

I think the term "I love..." is used wayyyyy too much now-a-days. I Love this pizza..... I love this car.... I love this hemorrhoid cream (yes, I understand the love of hemorrhoid cream when your pregnant, so that one may be ok.)

But don't you think that the words I Love You should be special?
Your spouse, your family, a dear friend, your pet.... hemorrhoid cream... you know... something or someone that without them in your life you could not be whole and/or completely happy?

So many commercials use "I Love this or that" No you don't..... you might really like it. You might miss it if it wern't there. You might want others to try it. You might be thankful for it. You might really REALLY like it. But you LOVE it? I doubt it. at least not as often as people say "I LOVE this".
Don't get me wrong.... I sometimes do it too.... I LOVE Starbucks. **sigh** but I moved out here to the sticks where there is None and I am still happy!! I am still complete (almost). But in the grand scheme of things I do NOT love Starbucks, Not the way LOVE should be meant in my opinion.

I love my Hubby.
I Love My young Men-folk (might not like em all the time.. but always love em!)
I Love my daughter.
I love my family.
I have some dear friends whom I love.
I love some of my animals/pets.
I love our Homestead.

Yes.. without any of these things I don't believe I could be completely happy. My life would not be whole. My soul would ache if they weren't there.

So.. I urge you to think about it..... I think we need to make the term I Love You special again.
There are lots of other cool words we can use instead of love for things we really really like.... I will do my part and help you ....

Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.3.1)Copyright © 2007 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. All rights reserved.* = informal or slang
You can thank me later! ;)
Now Go Forth and spread the words and lets make I Love You special again!
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Bethany said...

I'm amused that you only love *some* of your animals... lol...

Dana said...

well.... I adore them all... really REALLY like them all... But the ones I eat I don't "LOVE" like I'm talking about. They are tasty... yummy.... I really realllly like them. :) I LOVE the pets... realllly fond of the others. ;) understand? Geesh Smart-Alick little sisters can be a pain!

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