Oct 30, 2007

Confessions of a Cookbook-a-holic

Its time for me to confess......
My Name is Dana and I'm a cookbook-a-holic.

I adore cookbooks.
new cookbooks
old cookbooks
traditional cookbooks
wacky cookbooks
specialty cookbooks
regional cookbooks
group cookbooks
cookbooks cookbooks cookbooks.....
I just really REALLLLLY Like cookbooks!

Much to my husbands dismay I have stacks and stacks & shelves & shelves of cookbooks.
I could open a cookbook library I have so many... But then I'd have to let some leave.. and I can't do that!!!

I read them like many people read their trashy Harlequin-type love novels, Once I see a new one I can't wait to open it and dive right in.
I walk into the room and they call to me. Its like a wonderful treasure hunt each time you open one.
You can travel the world in the pages of a cookbook.
You can be a time traveler in a cookbook.
You can learn about and become one with other cultures in a cookbook.
You can connect with relatives long gone in the pages of a cookbook.

I mean think about it...
I truly think that a recipe or meal can bring back more memories than a photo at times.
More than once I have gone somewhere and smelled a familiar smell.... and thought... Oooh, that smells like my Grandma Muse and her spritz cookies etc....

It can't just be me can it? I have had people come into my house and ask me what I do with all those cookbooks?!? They are like my old friends.... I could never let them go. For some reason they bring me comfort... I know that they never change.. and in this world of chemical packed, pre-packaged, fast-is-more-important-than-quality, foods it's nice to know that the "art" of cooking is alive and well within my cookbooks.

So, the next time your bored... there isn't anything on the ever-present TV , pull out your cookbook and read...... explore..... learn..... and dream.....

**sigh** music swelling in the background......

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Bethany said...

ha ha ha... there's another ad for a married but looking web site on this page! I don't know how cookbook-a-holics make Google think that ad would appeal to anyone reading your blog, but apparently it does!

Dana said...

I'm tellin you!! I'm starting to feel like a Pimp! ;)

Sweetlilmagnolia said...

I too am a cookbookaholic...and I dont want a cure!! I have found very few of us that love to read them as novels...savoring every recipe, every blurb of a coment or story...When I moved from Texas to Alaska..we drove..and I had to leave behind over 150 cookbooks..I was sick..my beloved friends...I painstakenly went through each copy trying to choose who to take and who to give away...it pained me soooo. When we moved back..it was an emergent move for a family member, and some of my darlings werent shipped...arrrgh..the heartbreak...sooo...I have started collecting again!!!! I love to buy them at estate sales,treasuring the ones with handwritting in the corners...I hear the past owners saying..too much salt..or add another can of tomatoes!! Its like keeping them and their traditions going. I'm more discreminate in my choices now...it has to be a really really good cookbook for me to buy it...although Im already back up to 100. There just is no end...lol. And I still will pull them down and re-read them..they are my friends and I enjoy our visits!!!!

Lacey said...

Hello, my name is Lacey, and I am also a cookbook-aholic. :-)

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