Jan 9, 2008

Bovine Love

I am so happy today!
as I have said before, we have two cows.
Hershey (the smarter than your average cow)
Paris (The Dumb blond cow)

I adore the Holstein look of Hershey, so of course she is the cow that will not let you touch her.
Paris is getting better but still very skiddish.
I have tried feeding them treats.....
Bread.. nope...
celery... nope....
even corn! nope

Today they ate out of my hand! and Now Paris LOVES me!! whoo hoooo!
I mean reallllly loves me...
I can't walk by her without her looking for the raw sweet potatoes or carrots that she thinks I magically produce out of my hand!
who'da thunk I'd be so excited to be slimed and loved on by a cow?

did you know that a cows tongue is rougher than a cats? I have road rash all over my arm from her tongue! and I LOVE it!!!

My Mother told me I need to get a life. **sigh**

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Diane said...

Hey there
Just found your blog....We used to have 4-5 cows. One was a cracker cow. That is what they call the old time cows from Florida in case you don't know. They can live on palmetto plants if they have to. They are rough and scrappy looking. She had a big set of horns and for some reason she hated me from day one! I started brushing the other cows to tame them down before they had their calves and reaching over them to brush her and she liked it until she saw it was me doing it then she would snort and run at me. Well she got me cornered one day.....and now she is hamburger! She was just not safe to keep and she would have made her babies mean. Best hamburger I ever ate though!

Dana said...

Oooh I bet that was good!! nothin better than Grumpy dangerous cow burgers! ;)

I have some really tasty mean dangerous pork in the freezer right now! yummm! ....

Oops.. I bet we are gonna lose our PITA membership cards for sure now! he he he

thanks for the comment! I get all giddy when I get a comment!

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