Jan 11, 2008

I get no respect!

I just told you how excited I was about the Bovine love happinin round here.
I thought they were my buddies.
I thought they were my new BFF's.
I thought our relationship was based on mutual love and respect (and sweet potatoes)
Today I went out to commune with my new friends.
I turned my back for one second. Turned back around quickly and they were doing this!!!

No respect!! I am crushed.... Do you think they may just be using me for food?

Do you think they really dont love me after all??

**sniff** **sniff**

Now I have to rethink our whole relationship.

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Anonymous said...

Dana, Get your girls a bag of range cubes splurge for the 20% protein. Once they get used to eating them they will follow you anywhere and kneel at your feet.

Dana said...

duh! I never even thought bout the range cubes! I'll let ya know how they work!

thanks for the comment! I dance a little jig when I get a comment.

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