Jan 16, 2008

You Might Be a Homesteading Housewife if... (part four)

1.) When people brag to you about their babies and how advanced they are for their age, you start talking about your Smarter-than-the-Average-Cow, and how advanced she is for her age.

2.) The produce managers run and hide when they see you enter the grocery store because they just know your gonna beg for their scraps for your critters... again....

3.) The Man-of-your-Dreams brings you new rubber boots home from work and you are thrilled! (who needs Jimmy Choo?)

4.) Your birthday wish list includes a new fence puller, and a wench for your 4-wheeler.

5.) Your backyard looks something like this....
Because you told your boys that they could burn some leaves if they raked em up...

(come on.. haven't you ever burnt a ton of leaves to make a race track for your 4-wheeler in YOUR back yard?? Brilliant!!)
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Anonymous said...

What a GREAT idea your boys had!! I love it! I'm no longer a boy lets just say I have more than my share of gray hairs, but I think I might even try that stunt! Hey it might make raking those leaves more fun.

Keep up the great work!

Do you have a sister?

You sound like the woman of my dreams. Lucky man you have there!

Penny said...

I came across your site in homesteaders network and couldn't help but comment. When My sister asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told her "something for the chickens" and when my husband offered to give me some of his bonus check from work to spend I said "you know what I am going to do it on don't you? on fixing up the barn." Good to know you are not the only one! Thanks for the funny blog. Penny fellow blogger at mercyandlatte.blogspot.com

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