Jan 16, 2008

a Very Annoying sound....

Wanna know what one of the most annoying sounds in the world is?

Well... it isn't so bad until you hear it for hours on end.. and its accompanied with the knowledge that the 5 Tom's want to KILL you.

They were in the holding pen... and wanted nothing more than to get at worker #1 (the amateur camera man)

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Anonymous said...

wow that drove my dogs NUTS!! they are still looking for the turkeys they know are under my desk!

legendaryabundance said...

one of those "chinese water torture" type of sounds! Where you don't even realize it's wearing away at you till you SNAP! :)
Innocent bystanders could even get hurt in the quest to silence the sounds of madness :) OUTTA MOM'S WAY!!! ;)

Joann said...

Yes I can see or hear how that can
drive you crazy ofter a while.
Hope everyone is feeling better

Callie said...

That's hilarious! Would make me crazy!

Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) said...

yep.. one of the little things that doesnt sound bad at first...
I actually liked it,....
till 459 hours on end.. aaaaaaaah! ;)

thanks for the comments!Comments make me dance.

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