Feb 15, 2008

Another Bad Mother Moment...

I told ya bout taking worker #1 to get his driving permit.

This is a very exciting and important time in a young mans life.
He plans for it.
He dreams about it.
It's his path to freedom.
It's their way to manhood. (or so they think)
He studied for his test.
He took countless online practice tests.
He was ready.
He was excited.

Mom (aka ME) couldnt find his Social Security card. (I last used it to enroll him in school. I have every other childs card BUT worker #1's!!)
I went to the Social Security office. (the DPS said the paper from Social Security wouldn't do, they need the card.)
Filled out the paperwork...
and have to wait for it to come in the mail.
3-4 weeks.

I suck.

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m~ said...

Aw that sucks, but I think you're allowed to make one mistake.

legendaryabundance said...

I actually was asked to leave our local DMV one time - talk about embarrassing my son (12 at the time) I had gotten his birth certificate from South Carolina - it's odd looking but...hey it's South Carolina! The DMV said they didn't think it WAS a birth certif. (Even though it had a state seal pressed into it - that I had to pay extra to get) I flipped. (Our son was supposed to leave the next day to Wisconsin for camp and HAD to have an ID card.) Long story short I went into the parking lot and CALLED the state of South Carolina who offered to speak to the jack*** I mean DMV employee - but my husband had to be the one who took the cell phone back in cause I wasn't allowed back. Yes - he got an id - yes he made his plane - no he'll never forget it :)

Bethany said...

Poor, poor worker #1 - I'm still not convinced that you didn't do it on purpose...anything to keep your boys off the road for another month! :o)

- Your spoiled "city girl" little sister

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