Feb 17, 2008

You can Huff.... You can Puff..... (are YOU ready?)

Man oh Man what a storm we had last-night!
We knew it was coming so we prepared best we could.
We were under a tornado watch for hours.

Moved Jack & Jr into the pasture with the shed/barn.
Made sure the Smarter-than-your-average-cow & the Dumb-blond cow were safe.
Locked up all the other critters.
Moved the cars/trucks to safer places.
Tied everything down that could be tied down.

And, because we almost ALWAYS lose power in a storm...

Made sure the generator & oil lamps had gas/oil.
Had candles ready.
Cell phones charged.
Took showers early.
Unplugged anything that could be unplugged from the wall sockets (that weren't on surge protectors. We have lost enough over the years to power surges to know to do that!)

Then we went to bed as the storm blew in.
You know how they always say a tornado sounds like a freight train coming towards you?
Well... We have train tracks about 200' into the woods from our place.... we had actual freight trains coming through.. So That piece of advise helped none.

We slept peacefully through the night.

This morning...
the sun is shining.
everything is wet and soggy.
lots of branches and limbs down, a few pieces of tin blew off of the barn/shed roof.
But all is well.

It could have been a very scary night...
But we were not scared. cautious, yes. But not scared.
Isn't it nice to know you are as prepared as anyone can be in these type of situations?
God takes care of the rest.

We live in a place where hurricanes happen.
We have no control over the weather.

This would be a good time for everyone to take stock.. are you prepared?
Would you have the needed supplies and knowledge to be OK if you lost power for a day? a week? a month?

Over the next few days I'll go over our list and we'll figure out what we may or may not be missing in our preps.

Join me... maybe we'll all find our holes in our preparations and fix em before we really need em.

Have a great day!!
I'm off to pick up limbs and enjoy the soggy sunshine.
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m~ said...

We too had a storm like that last night. And we too have train tracks near by so I wouldn't know if it were a train or a tornado.

You're right, God will watch over us, but we need to do the prep work.

Bethany said...

*sarcastic voice* THANK you for helping me convince Grandma that last weekend's storm wasn't the largest storm of her life.

Your spoiled "city girl" little sister

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