Feb 17, 2008

Are YOU ready? (part 1)

Let me start by saying that I am not talking about some big old Dooms-day-is-coming preparation thing here. (that's a whole nother topic that is covered by more than enough people already, if you look hard enough)

We live in Texas. We have hurricane season here...
Thus, we have hurricanes to worry about.
You might live up north where the threat of ice, snow and winter storms may be a concern.
Or maybe you live in Tornado ally... Oh joy!
Even if you don't live where there are extreme weather conditions, you can still lose power. A tree limb can fall on a power-line anywhere...

Are you ready and able to get along without power for a day? a week? a month?
Could you stay warm and dry?
Would you have enough to eat?
Could you stay comfortable in the hot summer-time?
What would you do with your children with no TV, no radio, no school?

Sounds like fun huh?
Well it is not fun... but it can be done.. it can even be kind of an adventure!

We found this out when Hurricane Rita came to our homestead for a visit.
In her aftermath The-man-of-my-dreams myself our 5 children and critters, were left with no power for several weeks.
Oh... and did I mention this was in the hottest part of the summer?... In Texas? fun fun fun!!

I'll start with our Hurricane Rita story tomorrow.
What we did right.
What we did wrong.
And what we learned.

Hang on to your hats y'all!
A storm is commin!
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