Feb 18, 2008

You might be a Homesteading Housewife If...

1.) If you have more pairs of rubber boots than most people have shoes. (and you actually wear em all!)

2.) Your new barn fund is growing faster than your kids college funds.

3.) You tell The-Man-of-Your-Dreams to order your baby chicks for Valentines Day instead of sparkly jewelry. (a diamond may last forever... but do they give you eggs?!?)

4.) Your horses get their teeth cleaned more often than you do.

5.) You have ever had you child say he wants to be a cow when he grows up.

6.) You realize you put more time & thought into the name of your newborn goats than the names of your children! (umm maybe it would be best NOT to tell the Short people bout that fact!)

7.) The High School AG teacher has ever called YOU to answer a question from a student.

8.) The smell of dirt is one of your favorite smells. (right on up there with a camp-fire)

9.) The big burly man who lives down the lane calls YOU (the girl!) to put down his favorite old horse.

10.) You have helped a goat give birth, made homemade noodles, nursed a fussy baby, and castrated a pig all before noon!

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