Feb 6, 2008

Look who moved in!!

There is something about a donkeys eyes....
They are so sweet....
So soulful.....
So gentle and kind....

Take Jack for instance....
Look at those eyes.

This is Jack's son, Jr.
standing pretty.
They are so sweet.
They especially took a liking to worker #4.
It didn't have anything to do with the apple-flavored treats he had in the red coffee can... Nope, nothin to do with them at all.

Jr on the other hand... fell in love with the Little-Foreman-in-Pink.
I was lucky enough to find these fellas and get them from a sweet older lady who loved them dearly, but could not take care of them anymore.

Jack is in great shape. But Jr, needs some weight put on him.
And if there is anything I can do.... It's fatten something up!

I am in love....
Just what I need in my life.....
More Jack-As*** (oh nevermind.... thats just too easy)
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Anonymous said...

I've always thought donkeys had the most beautiful eyes, quiet, and soulful like a horse. Nice to know someone else noticed this too. *smile* Both nice looking guys!

dlyn said...

Oh, I love them! I'm glad that they got to come and live where people will love and care for them!

m~ said...

Wow, my hubby won't even let me get a goat and you got 2 donkeys. They are just too sweet!

legendaryabundance said...

AWWWW! No wonder we always loved eeyore. They look so loveable.I know some people think they're stubborn, but then they've never lived in my household :) THEY AINT SEEN NOTHIN YET! :)
too cute! Congrats!

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