Feb 5, 2008


1.) Why does The-Smarter-Than-Your-Average-Cow know exactly where the fence is a little weak when I don't have a clue? (brand new pasture... I walked the fence-line and it looked fine, 2 minutes she was out! grrrr)

2.) Why does the water pump to the well go out only when I have all of the Man-of-My-Dreams clothes to wash so he can go back to work?

3.) Why do they sell every single pressure valve for water pumps EXCEPT the one our water pump needs?

4.) Why does the salesman tell you "Oh this water pressure valve will work... It just looks different than the old one" when it does NOT.?

5.) Why does the check engine light come on when you are on your way to have the truck inspected? (did you know they will not pass a truck with it's check engine light on?)

6.) Why did the light company guy mix up MY house with my neighbors who did NOT pay their bill... and turn our power off? (Of course we were in town buying the wrong water pump pressure valve when he did this)

7.) Why did it take 3 hours for the light company man to get back to our house to turn the power back on??

8.) Why can't the Man-of-My-Dreams boss call on a day that we are doing nothing to tell him he has to come back to work (out of state!) early for an important meeting.?

9.) Why did a bird decide to fly off course and hit my window right after we changed the glass, and never ever when it was already cracked?

10.) Why didn't I just stay in bed yesterday?

yep.... it was a real winner!
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JackieB said...

That is just too funny. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed! :-)

m~ said...

Sounds like Murphy's law was in full effect.

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