Feb 2, 2008

I will NOT sleep !

For the first time in forever I have no Men-folk in the house!
The two younger ones are in Houston with their father.
The two older ones are at a friends house.
The Man-of-My-Dreams is working out of town.

It's just the Little-Foreman-in-Pink and I here tonight. (did you make note of the perfect grammar there? You might wanna cause it aint gonna happen again till 2012 or so.) But she is no help... she fell asleep in the car on the way home and is still crashed!

It's not that I'm not tired... I am dog tired!
I could easily drift off into a drooling-shamelessly-slumber all by myself in my schmooshy bed.

But shouldn't I be doing something that doesn't happen when the men folk are here?

Siting on the couch nekkid watching Big Love re-runs and eating ice cream right out of the container with tons of whipped cream (you know, the spray kind.. I just love the spray kind.. how can you here the sound of the fake whipped cream coming out of an aerosol can and NOT smile?) loads of fake red maraschino cherries, and sprinkles.

Or popcorn with an additional stick of melted butter poured on top. (so much butter ya need a spoon to eat your pop-corn) While sipping yummy hot cocoa?

Maybe I should be wearing a mud mask and giving myself a pedicure, while sitting in front of the magnifying mirror plucking hairs that somehow have managed to stray off course? (dont'cha just hate those hairs?!?)

Or I could be a good mom and clean everything that needs cleaning? (I couldn't even type that one with a straight face!)

I could actually sit down and write thank-you notes for Christmas gifts.

Any other ideas?

Cause I'm sitting here fully dressed....
Writing here and listening to the TV that is still showing kiddie cartoons!!

I'm goin to bed....
Nite Nite

I just hope I don't dream of this fella **shudder**
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legendaryabundance said...

Last weekend I was home ALONE sick with that stupid flu - My hubby took all the kids to grammas house (my in-laws) he was actually worried that i'd be upset if they all went (tee hee- that's cute) after I insisted they go (without actually begging) they DID! I can't remember the last time that I was ALL ALONE!! So I went to the store, bought 3 books I'd been wanting to read - you know MIND CANDY ;) nothing serious - just some hunky guy sweeps some gutsy chick off her feet after they solve a murder kind of book :)
I read around the clock...I slept when I wanted to...I didn't have to make meals if I didn't want to - and I DIDN'T want to :O) It was paradise. I wonder how long till I can do it again? - maybe the flu wasn't so bad after all!

Lacey said...

I know when I'm home alone (which is most of the time since the hubby's a truck driver) there are several things I do. First of all I clean the house (which usually isn't that dirty since I'm the only one here). Then I'll knit, or read, or work on the beading project that I started 6 months ago and haven't finished, or play on the computer, or take the dog to the park...I LOVE being alone, but of course I also love the 2 days out of every two weeks my hubby's home.**wink,wink**

m~ said...

I was watching Big Love reruns last night after I put the kiddo's to bed. I'd love a night alone, hope you had fun!

dlyn said...

Ah - gotta love the alone time, no matter how you spend it!

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