Nov 24, 2007

Its got to be illegal

I just made the PERFECT cup of Hot Chocolate! Yes, it's true.. I said perfect! I used one of the master mixes from the recipe box . (I used master Mix #2)

And then let a home-made marshmallow melt all over the top of it.

The secret this time? I made it with Half & Half!!!
Oh-My-Goooooodness!! It's so Creamy-Thick that I may need a fork!
(and yes.. I do actually feel my hips widening as I sit here and type!)

But I deserve it right? I really REALLY do !
(and now I deserve to do aerobics for 13 hours to burn it off! **sigh**)

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Wendi said...

I used your recipe this year and I love it. I need to try the homemade marshmallow recipe.

Dana said...

I'm so glad you liked it! :) My family and I went fishing today as a matter of fact and we each had our Thermoses of hot chocolate. yummmmmm!!

thanks for the comment.

I dance a little jig when I get a comment! ;)

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