Nov 23, 2007

I'm becoming one of THOSE people!!!

When I lived in the BIG city, People like this used to give me many
opportunities to point my finger and giggle.
(on more than one occasion I blew Starbucks coffee out my nose as they walked by)

I used to wonder if people like this had lives.

I thought people like this needed therapy.

I thought surly people like this didn't have children.

But it is true....

I have become one of THOSE People!!

My name is Dana, and I put clothes on my dog.
(hanging my head in shame, putting on my floppy hat and dark glasses when we go out so no one knows who I am)

Otis the Killer Boston Terrier Puppy does not like the cold.
He is supposed to be our mighty protector and he is a little shivering, pouting, pitiful excuse for a dog when it's under 75 degrees outside!
What else was I gonna do?
I mean I DO have to take care of the cute little thing.
But this is ridiculous.

It's down right embarrassing when we walk out to say hi to the Great Danes and they fall over laughing at Otis.

It's just not right... We live in TEXAS for cryin out loud! It does not get cold as far as cold goes. Yes, it does get chilly.. but God Gave Otis a fur coat!! I don't have a fur coat! and the little stinker still needs a cute green sweater?? (he also has a big fluffy coat, but dont tell anyone cause I'll deny it till I die!)
What have I become?

I just KNOW they are gonna revoke my membership to the Tough Texas Farm Mom Club!
Then where will I be? (Next thing you know I'll have fake nails, full war paint to go anywhere, and buy my undies at Victoria's Secret, say things like Dah-ling, and play tennis with Muffy & Buffy while wearing my pearls!! HELP ME!!!)

He is amazingly cute tho isn't he??

(I did NOT just say that!!)

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Anonymous said...

He is too cute! and warm! Your a good doggie mom!

Anonymous said...

He's just too cute!!!

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