Feb 8, 2008

Cool Feelings....

When your on your way home from shopping, and you reach for your debit card and it isn't in your wallet. (don;t worry, it was in my pocket) that split second of freaking-out panic.
That's a cool feeling.

When you are in the bathroom... doing.. well.. what you DO in the bathroom... then you realize there is no toilet paper.
That's a cool feeling.

When you go to the Doctors office, are escorted into the little room to wait for him. Get undressed and wrap yourself in one of those really cool scratchy Dr's office gowns. Only to have him come in and say... Why are you undressed? I just wanna go over your lab results with you.
That's a cool feeling.

When you have been away from home for about 2 hours, and begin to wonder... "Did I remember to turn off the coffee pot?" (the next two hours are spent with visions of your house burning down in your head).
That's a cool feeling.

You go in for an important meeting at your child's school to talk to them about advanced placement for your little genius.... on your way home you see that you have deep burgundy lipstick smeared on all of your front teeth.
Now.. THAT'S a cool feeling!
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Lacey said...

Don't feel bad hun. I have those moments myself. I think it's just that we're so busy doing whatever it is we're doing and thinking about everything else we really need to get done that our brains just shut down temporarily.

legendaryabundance said...

Ah, yes...like the time I was in Miami at an atm - LEFT my card in the atm!!!! Luckily the atm machine just "eats" the card after a few seconds if you don't retrieve it. (Although at the time I wasn't happy that it ate my card either! - Since I was stuck 1 hour from home on empty and only had taken out enough$$ for a snack!) This was on a Saturday - so no bank employee was available to help me out! OY!! That's a cool feeling!
Or....speaking of gas..We have an 18 mile drive from the mainland to the keys. I have gotten about 1/2 way when I realized that I was "SUCKING E" on the gas gauge!!! My computer said I had 3 miles to empty and I had AT LEAST 10 miles to a gas station. - That's a cool feeling.

Bethany said...

It's a cool feeling when you're sitting the car with your sister and she freaks out THREE DIFFERENT TIMES because she can't find her debit card... and each time, it's sitting on the center console.

- Your spoiled "city girl" little sister

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