Feb 12, 2008

Child Labor (Start em Young!)

Ahhh the joys of child labor.
The Little-Foreman-in-Pink is quickly becoming worker #5!
She has to be a "big girl" and do whatever she can By Herself.
It's time to feed the critters...
She only fell in the feed barrel one time.
Notice her fashionable boots! (on the wrong feet of course)
She'll do work, but she'll do it with style!
These feed buckets are HEAVY!!
Don't worry though.. she is up for the task.
So serious about her work!
Yep.. the bucket is indeed full.

It's a long haul out to the donkey pen.
We do need to work on her ability to stay on task...
all it takes is a little red ball to distract her.
they eat.

Donkeys fed... time to walk the logs.

Now to give the cows their hay....
we do need to look for some platform rubber boots...
it's hard to throw hay over the fence when you are short!
She even gives them all treats.

She is growing so fast. I am so proud of my little girl.
But I must admit...
I cry a little bit every-time she says..
"I can Do It MYSELF!!"

my baby....
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4 amazing comments. Talk To Me!!:

gunsmithgirl said...

She is adorable!

MichiganFarmer said...

they sure do like to help when they are young

metagirrl said...

Oh, I'm loving the fashion... Nothing says I'm ready for a hard day's work like a Dora nightshirt and rubber boots! What a cutie!

m~ said...

Aren't those galoshes adorable! My Ladybug and Manchild don't get as much pleasure out of feeding the chickens as she is getting out of her farm chores.

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