Feb 20, 2008


Ok.... so it took me a little bit longer than a day...
But in my defense, I could have finished it in one day had I not taken so many breaks.
But 25 and a 1/2 hours ain't bad for a whole quilt!

Worker #4 loves it!
The fact that its flannel makes it super-schmooshy and super cuddly-warm.
And the fall colors and simple design make it perfect for a manly-man boy.
(oh don't let me kid you.... it's simple because I have no idea what I'm doing... But I'm loving doing it anyway!)

This is a close up of the raw "snipped" edges. after washing. See how cute they turn out? They curl up and get kind-of "fluffy". I LOVE the look of a rag quilt.
And it couldnt be easier to make! Even for a not-so-good-quilter like me!
I have gotten a few e-mails from other not-so-good-quilters asking me to make a picture based tutorial on how this super-simple quilt is made...
look for it in the next few days.

Oh.. this quilt and all my other attempts at learning to quilt can be found on my Quilting Page HERE.
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ourhomesteadingquest said...

The quilt looks great! I'd have never known you didn't know what you were doing if you hadn't said so, lol. Great site. I'll be checking back for that tutorial you promised :)


Bethany said...

I'm next! heh heh heh...

Last year's Christmas present, here I come!!!

- your spoiled "big city" little sister

CJ said...

Dana, your quilt for worker #4 (LOL) turned out very cute! Aren't rag quilts fun?

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