Feb 19, 2008

Todays BIG challenge. (quilt in a day)

OK... it's nothing new when I say I am the queen of Procrastination Land.
Today I aim to fix one of the things I have been putting off....
Each of my boys has a quilt that Their wonderful, beautiful, Kind, benevolent, Mother.. (that would be me) made for them..... well... everyone but Worker #4.

I have had the super-warm flannel for his quilt for months.
I have had the matching thread for months.
I have had the batting for months.
I have had the sewing machine for years.

and yet.... he still has no quilt.

Today I am going to make a quilt.
A whole quilt.
Start to finish.
all TODAY!
(ok... half of the flannel squares are already cut from a fabric swap last year)

I am going to make worked #4's quilt in the biscuit style. They should go fast...
The question is.. can I make a whole quilt in one day??

We shall see....
I'll be back with updates and pictures....

Pray for me.
Pray for my fingers.
Or.... eat a piece of cheese cake for me ok?

it is now 7:03 am

5....4...3...2..1.. BLAST OFF!!!

UPDATE 9:58am

All the fabric squares have been cut!

Between getting the kids to school, feeding the critters & a visit from my father-in-law.. Things are moving now.....

Ok... now to cut the batting squares....

Wish me luck!

be back later!

10:46am... Have I ever mentioned that I HATE cutting batting??? Hand Lotion Anyone??

11:48am.... Lunch break.... I STILL hate cutting Batting!! (ok... I don't let my kids use the word "hate" I really realllly dislike cutting batting, I loath cutting batting, I detest cutting batting, I abhor cutting batting, I can't stand cutting batting..... should I go on? cause I can ya know! I really can!!)

2:30pm UPDATE... Everything is cut out. Now time to sew. I would have been MUCH further than this if I didn't have the 4 yr old Little-Foreman-in-Pink "helping" me. Oh and if I hadn't stopped 47 times to cry about how much I dislike cutting batting.

7:00 pm UPDATE.... Well, things slowed WAY down with 4 kids coming home from school. I had to go pick up worker #2 from Drivers ed, cooked and ate dinner. But, I finished sewing all of the individual squares together!

Now the shower assembly line is starting. While the dirty short people get clean, I will begin to sew the squares together into a quilt! whoo hooo!! we are in the home stretch!

Here is worker #4 arranging the squares to his liking. He is excited!

9:42pm UPDATE- OK.... now comes the time where we must ask ourselves... What is the definition of "finished"? Worker #4 is indeed sleeping under his brand new schmooshy warm flannel quilt. BUT I am making this quilt a rag quilt. And for it to truly be finished, I have several hours of snipping of the seams to make em look worn & frayed. It IS together.

I COULD leave it this way. Altho it would look kinda funny. I guess I didn't really, totally, completely, 100% finish the quilt. But it's together! He is sleeping under it. Does that count? Whatever the verdict... I am proud of myself for getting this thing done (sortof kinda almost)

Pictures tomorrow. I'm goin to bed. Nite Nite

7:00 am 2/20.... snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip snip **sigh**

8:30 am FINISHED!!!!

This is worker #4's quilt! roughly 24 hours after I started it. As you can see, I snipped all of the seams. To get the desired effect I just threw it into the washing machine.. this will help the edges fray and curl up a bit. Here is a picture of it BEFORE washing. I'll post the washed picture after it comes out of the dryer. Whoo Hoo!! I am proud, if I do say so myself!

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Anonymous said...

OK so you seem to be getting a little something done on your quilt. I'll keep checking to see how you are doing from time to time. GOOD LUCK !!!

Anonymous said...

Looking good so far!

Anonymous said...

Looks great. congrat's..


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is neat! I can't wait to get at my stack of flannel swap blocks!!!! I really like what you did with the blocks! Nan

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