Feb 26, 2008

Leading by example.... yeah right!

If my math is anywhere near right, I have said the phrase "Put Your Shoes On Before You Go Outside!" at least 57,968,077 times in the past 5 years.

So, I go to put Otis the killer Guard Boston Terrier Puppy outside.
This is like 10 steps out of the front door.

Do ya think I put on my shoes? nope.
Do ya think I saw the dopey from just waking up honey bees feeding on the clovers? nope.
Do ya think I could have missed a few of them while walking? nope
Do ya think I managed to pull out two stingers from the arch of my foot without crying a little bit? nope.
Do ya think my children gave me any sympathy? nope.
Do ya think they have missed one opportunity to lecture me on wearing shoes? nope.
Do ya think they forgot to tell anyone who would listen this story? nope.
Do ya think my short people are sweet empathetic darlings? NOPE!

Poor Poor Dana.
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Anonymous said...

So sorry about your feet. That must have hurt!! Hope you are feeling better & got all the stingers out.

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