Feb 26, 2008

Uh Oh....

I just got a phone call.
I have been waiting for this call for a long time.
I searched and searched for years for something that I really wanted.
I found it, and it is being delivered today.
It took me forever to find a quality one.
I said it would help me in my goals.
I needed one to protect me from the harsh Texas weather.
I need one to smash through my walls of excuses.
I need one because it would be "fun".
I said the reason I hadn't reached my goals before now was because I didn't have one of them in my life.
I didn't have one in my life because they are not cheap. most are down right expensive!
But they had to go and stick one on clearance and let me pay for it in 6 installments.
The problem is, Now that I will have one, I will have no excuse NOT to reach my goal!
Now I will have no-one to blame for my problem cept for ME!
I am stuck.

in less than one hour my monster Treadmill will be at my front door.
Now what am I gonna do?
me and my big mouth.... (well I have several other "big" parts too! thus the need for the tredmill)... will keep ya posted!
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Anonymous said...

Good luck. hope you found a good spot for it.

Lacey said...

Would so totally love to have a treadmill, but with the size and layout of my house I don't think one would fit :-). Hope you reach your goals!! P.S. I-pods are great for tuning out other distractions so you can walk in peace!!

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