Mar 4, 2008

Isn't this pretty?
Is it part of my herb garden?
do I spend hours weeding and caring for this perky cute little plant?
this plant is BULL NETTLE!!!

You don't know what Bull Nettle is??

Well well well let me fill you in!

Bull Nettle is pure evil! Bull Nettle is Mean! Bull Nettle is lurking in the shadows waiting for me! and my kids... and you ... yes, YOU!!!

It looks cute and harmless... but it stings the Fire out of you!!

There have been 4 attacks by this evil little green thing on my family this week, Me, worker #1, worker #3 & worker #4 have all been it's prey.

When Bull Nettle touches you. no matter how lightly or fleeting that touch may be, it stings! it burns! it itches! it swells! it's awful!

We did case studies this week and let me put some old wives tales to rest about this pesky plant.

Clorox does NOT work! - I tried it!

Urine does not work! - Worker #1 tried it. (don't tell anyone tho.. it'll ruin his rep)

Ice does not work! - Worker #3 tried it.. nope didn't work.

Spit does NOT help! - Worker #4 tried this one.

Cortizone did help.. after like 10 min!

here is what I found online.... gee thanks! a little late!

Anti-itch treatment
If stung by a nettle effective anti-itch drugs are available, usually in the form of creams containing antihistaminics or hydrocortisone. Many folk remedies exist for treating the itching, but most of them are ineffective or provide only a short relief simply by mechanical stimulation similar to scratching or by cooling:
Juice from the crushed leaf of dock which commonly grows in association with nettles, rubbed into the area
Juice from both species of Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis and Impatiens pallida), rubbed into the area
Rubbing the underside of a fern leaf (which contains its spore pods or sori) on the afflicted area.
Immediately rubbing mud on the affected area and allowing it to dry before brushing it clean.
Quickly washing the affected area.
Applying ice can help relieve itchiness.
Moistening the irritated area with saliva.
Smearing the infected area with a paste of Baking Soda and water, then rinsing after a few minutes. This is thought to neutralize the small amounts [4] of formic acid released by the tiny, hollow hairs

uh huh.... most did NOT work for us!

stay away from this evil plant!

ok.. I feel better.. I have done my part to help the human race for today.

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Anonymous said...

I grew up with bullnettles and I can tell you the only way I know to stop the stinging and itching. When you come into contact with one...DO NOT TOUCH OR RUB THE AREA !!! Freeze, grit your teeth...whatever helps you to not touch the area!! It is so hard not to rub it..but if you don't in a short while it will stop and will not whelp up. Try for me every time . Doris

Anonymous said...

Boy, I second that, they are EVIL! I had my first run in with one about a month ago. I was weeding and had no idea what this plant was so I grabbed on HARD down by the root and I released in a split second. I was on fire! I ran in the house and put cold water on it but to no avail. My hand was numb for over 48 hrs. Kinda like when your leg goes to sleep, that weird, almost painful numbness. After the feeling came back, I had huge purple blisters all over my hand for weeks which then ended up as dried up little blisters. Evil, I tell you, just evil!

Greta said...

Mud works the best. Slap some soupy mud on there real quick and the cool mud takes out the sting. Then all you have to do it flick off the mud when it dries.
Works like a charm!

MissWrite said...

I love the sense of humor in your writing even of the most serious stuff.

WildernesFamily said...

Is Bull Nettle the same as Stinging Nettle? Hubby uses SN in a freeze dried form for his allergies, works better than anything else he's ever tried.

Anonymous said...

personally a fern works the best if you rub the spores on there.

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