Mar 8, 2008

A Mystery.......

See this Red Bucket?
This is where the mystery starts.
I found it in my laundry room... right inside our back door.
Having a little red bucket in your laundry room isn't THAT mysterious in itself.
But the fact that I have never seen this little red bucket in my life is.
I have asked everyone in the house... they have never seen t his bucket either.


Lets take a look inside...

There are eight black thingies in the strange red bucket.

Each of these eight thingies are sprouting...

They look kinda alien-like . Dontcha think?

In truth, I think they may be Walnuts. Even though I don't know anyone who has a walnut tree. But the mystery remains.... How did they get here? I asked all of the short people. They have no clue. So, I called my Over-all wearing father-in-law. Nope, he has no idea. I am thrilled to have Walnuts sprouting here to plant (if that indeed is what they are) But where did they come from?? It had to be someone who was comfortable enough to come into my house when I wasn't home. I have asked every neighbor I can think of.. no-one knows...

So for now, I'll thank the Wall-nut Fairy.

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Anonymous said...

Those are definately Black Walnuts.And if you can get a tree to grow from the sprout you will have one heck of a nice tree !In about 30 or 40 years !! So plant it now . Doris

ClaireBoe said...

Haven't you ever watched "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" woman?!!! Get those things out of your house, or you'll all start acting like pod-people!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, black walnuts produce a toxin that kills plants under their canopy. Keep that in mind if you do plant careful of what other plants are located nearby.

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