Mar 3, 2008

It's gotta be a Monday.

Monday Morning....

1. The weather man says we are under a severe Thunder storm watch until noon. Oh Joy!

2. The Man-of-My-Dreams had to leave for work at 4:00 am this morning. Yuck!

3. The approaching cold front is making my head Pound. Double-Yuck!

4. Worker #2's cell phone just died. He didn't do anything.. it just went "poof" dead. So, of course he thinks he is going to die. lovely!

5. A very nice man is a big truck that says County Constable just pulled into my driveway to serve me with papers! Wonderful!!
It seems the man who dug our pond, then abandoned the big hole and left 600 yards of clay in our pasture and damaged the snot out of everything including our road is suing me for the final payment! HA! Bring it on baby! Bring it on!

6. Being a good mom, I go to the cell phone store... all ready to stand up for my innocent son who got a lemon of a phone from the evil cell phone Gods. The girl asks me "what happened to the phone?" "Nothing" I said. "He has always been very careful of this phone! He is a very responsible young man, what are you going to do about this??!!??"
She popped out the battery, and said... "nothing, it's been water damaged" "What? No it has not! He would have told me that!"
Did you know there is a little sticker inside your cell phone that turns pink if it gets wet? Great!

7. I just had 200 gallons of propane delivered the bill is over $600!!!!!! YIKES!!!

ok... now you know why I haven't posted before this.. I didn't want to ruin your day too!
Hope yours was good !
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Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

Maybe Tuesday will be better? :)

m~ said...

Yuck, that suck!
There's always Friday..... here's to hoping.

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